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Customize Your Decor with Embroidery

One of my favorite design details to use is custom embroidery. There are thousands and thousands of computer programs that can be accessed to create a unique piece. Over the years, I've gathered some gorgeous fonts and designs. Here you'll find a gallery of past work. Let it inspire something for you...

large french scroll 4" x 5"

french scroll cranberry on flax linen

french scroll bone on black linen
 These next designs are using a technique called applique. It allows you to layer a second fabric on top of the base. A zig zag stitch binds the edges after the excess fabric is cut away.

3 letter monogram 5" x 5.5"
art deco monogram pale pink on hot pink
sand dollar 5" x 5.5"
celtic cross 6.5" x 5"
fleur de lis applique 5.5" x 5"

napoleonic bee 1" x .75"

crown 2" x 4"

crown on 20" x 20 pillow
This next group is using a single letter alphabet font that features a rose and leaves woven through. They are approximately 4" tall.

 This next group shows a font that I like to use for children. It has a whimsical, hand written feel to it. I have it in several sizes although it is shown in the extra large size in the pics below.

burp cloth and stroller blanket
bib and patchwork quilt
bib, burp cloth, and blanket

The next two are a standard style script. Largest size of capital letter approximately 1.75 inches.

 This is my new favorite single letter font. Approximate height of 4 inches.


white linen pillow with 4" ruffle

half apron with ruffle

tea towels with ruffle

This monogram font is very popular. Approximate size of center letter is 3 inches although smaller fonts are available.

This next design is an old-fashioned Edwardian script. The larger center letter is approximately 2.5" tall. Smaller letters flank either side. Lower case letters available to create words and/or full names.

This is a more masculine, straight letter monogram. It can be done with or without the floral frame of leaves and rosebuds.

 This single letter font measures approximately 3.5" tall x 2.5" wide.

single letter Napoleonic font 2" tall

stamped typewriter font

 I hope this gives you some ideas about what can be done using embroidery. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

all the best  : )