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Relaxed Roman Shade with Ruffles

Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you how this window treatment came out.

It's called a "relaxed roman shade." It's constructed similarly to a roman shade, but without the dowels. This allows soft curves and "swooping." It is made out of a gorgeous pure white linen and finished off with a 2 inch ruffle along the bottom. Perfect for softening a window without blocking too much light. Love it!


Janet said...

I just love this. Did you make it yourself. I do not sew at all. Would it be easy to make for a beginner? How many yards of fabric are neccessary?

Janet @ www.CuldeSacChic.blogspot.com

The Riebeek Family said...

I too would like to know about this. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Was the white ruffled shade flat before you put it on the rod? It looks like it has a pocket at the top and also, is there w weight rod at the bottom to hold it in place ?

Trish Banner said...

Yes. The rod is flat when sewn, but is then gathered on the rod. For a cleaner look, you can leave it flat (or not gather it as much). There is no weight rod in the bottom. The key to this shade's simplicity is that each column of rings (four columns equally distant with rings every 7") is tied up independently from the others. You will need four lengths of ribbon. Knot ribbon to bottom ring, thread through rings above, and tie again at top after pulling up at a length that is visual pleasing to you. In the picture, the shade is about 60" long but then pulled up to about 20." Hope this helps answer your questions. Let me know if you have any more. Happy sewing!

Trish Banner said...

another explanation for construction...
Hey there Shirley,
So happy you wrote! I never know if anyone out there is reading or not...thanks for the encouragement.

Yes to all of your questions. Rod/pocket top. For a 70" span, I'd do a triple width of fabric (assuming that the fabric you choose is 54" wide or bigger). The drape is about 60-70 inches long (depending on how big the pocket is and if there is a space on top for a ruffle). Plus a 2" ruffle along the bottom.

Join the three widths along selvages. Hem sides. Make pocket on top. Add ruffle along bottom. Then comes the placement of rings...

It's a lot of rings! That's the most time-consuming part of this treatment. The columns are at each seam with an extra two columns per panel spaced equally distant (total of 10 columns). Once you know where each column is, place rings every 7" starting at the bottom of ruffle measuring about 7" up all the way to the top. You'll probably need about 100 rings. I buy them in bulk here. http://www.draperysewingsupplies.com/Roman-Shade-Rings-p/st1500.htm.

Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions. Give me a call!

Email inquiry...

I have been reading your blog and came across the relaxed roman shade with ruffles that you made...the white one with ruffles. Seeing it made me realize that this is exactly what I am needing for one of my windows...thank you SO much! I sew a lot, but I want to check with you before tackling this since my fabric is a little pricey and I really don't want to mess up. Do you have a basic pattern that you used, or is it all "freehand" so to speak?

My window is ~70" wide. If I want it to gather as your did, about how wide would you recommend making it? For a window this wide, how many columns of rings would you think would be best? It also appears it has a rod pocket at the top for placing on a curtain rod...am I correct?

I know I've asked a lot of questions, but I would love to make this and would appreciate any help you are willing to offer.

Thank you again...and keep blogging!


Amber said...

Love this shade, it's just what I'm looking for. Found you via pinterest. A few questions after reading the other explanations. Is the shade stationary after all the rings are tied, or can it be raised and lowered? Do you have a guideline for how much fabric to use depending on the window size; such as twice the width of the window, 1 1/2 times the height? Just trying to figure out how to recreate this based on my window sizes.
Thanks for posting, I haven't found anything else like it, I like as much!!!

Amber said...

Forgot to choose email follow-up in the comment section. Thanks in advance for anything you can share!

Trish Banner said...

Happy to answer your questions Amber... It it meant to be stationary after all the rings are tied. Because it is gathered on a rod, there is not a stable enough point above each column if you were to pull them up and down. There are ways to overcome this, but it's tenuous at best :(

For estimating fabric, I like to allow 2 yards per width. This gives you enough to create the generous "header" and bottom ruffle. Because it will be pulled up, it is independent of the length of the window. As for determining width (left to right), I like to allow 2.5 to 3 times the width. I wouldn't waste any of the extra by trying to get an exact width. Just try and get as close as you can to that range with the fabric you are using.

Anything else?