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Parsons chair ruffled slipcover

Hey guys!

It's been a while. Though I haven't been posting lately, I've been busy working in the cottage on some fabulous things. I've been taking pictures as I go, waiting until I can post the results. I just finished an adorable slipcover for a parsons chair and wanted to share the pics.

The big reveal...
cabbage roses on tea stained background with a gathered skirt!

As compared to before...
a well-loved chair that needs some TLC

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So, yeah. You won't be confusing me with anyone who knows the technical doings of computers...Just figured out how to enable comments on the blog. Only took 5 months.

If you've browsed before and had something to say but had no avenue to comment, please do so. Thanks for looking, (and commenting).

Long Beach Market--The next day...

Well...we did it! It was an adventurous, and as my Dad would say, "character-building" experience. My daughter Abbey (8 years old) and I woke up at 4:20am to drive down to the market in a 17 foot u-haul. We were both super excited. I wasn't sure that it would be a good idea to take her with me on such a long day, but it was a blessing to have her there with me. She worked so hard and took her position as "co-pilot" very seriously. Setting up was a feat--not my favorite thing to do. But it was nice and cool for most of it.

It's a scary thing--putting yourself out there to show your creations. You never know how you will be perceived. Even this morning, when all is done, I still feel butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

I question myself...Did I do OK? Did my prices turn people off? There's a whole culture to the flea market system. Did I commit any foux pais that I am unaware of? Ahh...breathe in, breathe out...So, in thinking over my first flea market showing, it begs some questions...

Would I do it again? Well the answer to that is "yes." I am already signed up for the next event, in two weeks. The people who organize the market rangled me in for that one at the same time I booked the first one. I'm kind of glad that I committed to the second showing without any prior experience. Not sure if I'd be ready so soon...

Was is successful? Hmmm...it depends on how you define success. I learned some things in the process. First, pack lightly in the "props" department. 8 foot sofas and heavy iron furniture sets aren't necessary for display. Second, pack heavy in the drinks and food department. I think between Abbey and myself, we spent $16 at the snack bar for 4 fountain drinks over the 10 hours we were there. Third, keep it simple...

Next time, I'll have a better idea of what works. In that environment, people want inexpensive, unfussy shopping. Pull them in with the simple and hope they'll keep your card and hook up with you later for custom work.

My highlight of the day...I got to meet one of my design idols! I don't want to divulge her identity for the sake of being discreet. I will say that she has been featured in several nationally published magazines and has an incredible style that I have long admired. She bought some of my things to see how they will sell in her store for the price point she needs to make it worth her while. I hope to hear from her again! What a goose bump moment for me...

So for all of those reasons and more...A definite resounding YES. It was successful. I loved it. I love what I do. And to those of you who follow and support me and my endeavors...thank you for being in my cheering section. I'll keep "livin' the dream."

Long Beach Antique and Collectible Market

Hey there! Guess who's signed up for a Flea Market! Me!

Can you tell I'm just a little excited?

So, I finally took that next step to get my name out there. In less than 2 weeks, I'll have my own space at the Long Beach Flea Market. (Check out their website for directions, etc. www.longbeachantiquemarket.com)

I've been letting ideas swirl around in my head, trying to figure out how best to represent what it is I have to offer. There will be a TON of shoppers, collectors, and boutique owners. My shameless self-promotion includes giving away adorable flower pens with my contact info attached.

It should be a fabulous day, lots of eye candy for all you shoppers! Come say hi and get your spring time flower pen before they run out. :)

I'll be there 2 days this month:

Sunday, May 17th (Space E-446)
Sunday, May 31st (Space D-537)

Relaxed Roman Shade with Ruffles

Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you how this window treatment came out.

It's called a "relaxed roman shade." It's constructed similarly to a roman shade, but without the dowels. This allows soft curves and "swooping." It is made out of a gorgeous pure white linen and finished off with a 2 inch ruffle along the bottom. Perfect for softening a window without blocking too much light. Love it!

Pure White Linen

This bolster was made for a pair of adorable newlyweds looking to add some softness and elegance to the boudoir. The over-sized bolster lay in front of three squishy floral pillows and gave just the right finishing touch to their master bedroom ensemble. The joining of their lives as man and wife is symbolized by the joining of their initials-- "M" for Michael, "K" for Kelly, and "C" for Chiriatti. How fun!


Meet Buttercup our resident bunny! Isn't she cute? Buttercup has the run of the surrounding homes in my neighborhood. There's nothing sweeter than to see her nibbling on the foliage. She reminds me to "stop and smell the roses."

Outdoor Seating

This week I had the pleasure of making some cushions for a friend who has a fabulous outdoor living room. Her color palette includes vibrant yellow, limey greens, and deep reds and pinks. The multicolored stripe sets the backdrop for a fun mix of throw pillows.

Do you have a hankering for a garden oasis? Let me help you create a destination for relaxation in your own back yard!

Jenie's White Slipcovers

I love slipcovers!

I love them because they can be taken off
and washed...a necessity for most families with kids, pets, or a
casual way of life. Who wants to be worried about
keeping a house pristine when there's living to do?

Enter the slipcover...

Breathe new life into your home with a custom fit, custom designed
slipcover just for you. Whether you like clean lines and
cording or prefer a softer look with ruffles and gathers,
I'd be happy to make it for you.

This little chair and ottoman were made just this week. Jenie, a
lover of shabby chic style and the proud mother of two adorable
doggies (enter dirt) wanted white slipcovers with clean lines and
a pleated skirt. Super fun!

Give me a call or email me with any questions you may have...

Bedding for my sister

My sister Connie asked me to make some bedding for her master bedroom. She and her husband Jim have three little ones and wanted a sanctuary that would be light, airy, and soothing. After showing her some pictures of the floral fabrics of Pine Cone Hill bedding, she gave the OK for me to go ahead and surprise them.

When starting over in your bedding, I think it's a good idea to get all new "guts." Feather and down are my preference because they are so much more cozy than fiberfill. For Connie, her foundation of new insides included:

2 king size pillows (20 X 36)
3 extra large square pillows (26 X 26)
1 eastern king duvet (100 X 90)
1 eastern king sheet set (80 X 76)

Now that she has a blank canvas...the fun stuff comes next. Her palette of colors was based on a solid linen. She asked for a blue color that "looked like Dad's oxford cloth shirts." To that, we added a beautiful rose print with a pale blue background to pull in the feeling of the bedding from Pine Cone Hill. Add to that generous amounts of pure white and we were set.

The picture below is of the 3 extra large square pillows.
They feature lots of ruffles in white and a soft poplin print of cabbage roses on a pale blue background. They are constructed with three sides and a zipper opening for easy removal. All seams are overlocked.

The next image is the two king-size pillows that will go in front of the above set. They are made with 100% pure linen in a gorgeous soft blue. Although they are made of only one fabric, the details of rouching, top stitching, and embroidered monogram give these pillows an understated elegance.

And pulling it all together...

Notice the detail on the duvet cover of the repeating ruffles.


Hey there everyone! Just wanted to add some pictures of pillows I've been working on to give you some ideas about what can be made. I have a TON of fabrics that I've collected over the last 5 or so years. If you are looking for a certain color, style, size, etc. , give me a call and we can come up with something original that works for you.