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French Country Blues and Grays

Just a quick note after completing a slipcover today. 

This chair was brought to me by a client wanting to change the fabric that was no longer to her liking. Shannon brought the chair with her so we could try out a few different fabrics and see how they played off of the dark wood stain of the arms and legs. She knew that she wanted to stay away from florals and toiles so we zeroed in on the nubby natural texture of this muted stripe. Loving the damask pattern and blue gray color of the accent fabric, we chose a 16" by 24" size to make the pillow that would fit nicely with the scale of the chair.

Here's to hoping she loves it as much as I do!


Cottage and Cabin said...

Beautiful chair and pillow Trish....I love that I found your blog...I make slipcovers and other home textiles in Alabama....your work is fantastic! I always get questions about long distance slips...but I just can't figure that out... :)
Just wondering if you make slips from measurements...or do you always require the piece as I do? Thanks for sharing your work! Debbie Park

Trish Banner said...

Thanks for commenting! I am only able to do slipcovers for pieces that I have access to. However, I found a place online that is able to do them from pictures and measurements that you provide. For all of you near Alabama, contact Cottage and Cabin. Near Southern CA, contact me. Not near either of us? Contact www.needleandshears.com. Have a great day!