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Custom Bedding for Helen

Hey there party peeps. Lots going on around here. Just had to share this bedding I've been working on for Helen, a sweet little girl who I think is 8 (maybe 6?). I haven't met her yet... just her Mommy who wanted to surprise her with a room makeover before she got too old for pink and ruffles.

: )

Mom Kim had done some fabric shopping in the past but hadn't found the time to tackle the project. She came to me with two fabrics...15 yards of a paisley and 7ish yards of a stripe. We figured on using those for curtains and a gathered bed skirt for a day bed. Using the palette of those cotton prints, it was easy to find coordinating linens to round out what we needed for the rest of the room.

What did we come up with?

Pale pink linen in a light as air handkerchief weight for the duvet. Maybe a pillow with lots of ruffles if there was any left over. Another linen of dark bronze with pale pink accents to ground the look and keep it from being too sweet. And a final reproduction print from American Folk and Fabric for an accent pillow pulling it all together.

I was so excited to get my hands on the fabric that I finished ahead of schedule. (I think the curtains and bed skirt were done within 2 days of meeting with Kim). I had to wait about a week or so to get the linen in from NY. But once that was washed and ironed, it was so fun to see it come alive.

Lots of ruffles...

Not too sweet...

Just right!


Have fabric sitting in a closet that you just haven't been able to get to (ahem... Lynette)? Need me to help out? I'd be more than happy to get it done. Let me know...


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